One of the most stressful parts of the holidays is figuring out what to give to each of your loved ones. This year instead of gift cards or clothing, give those tough people to shop for a furnace tune up; the gift of a warm house on the coldest of winter days. This December JNL Climate Control is offering its Holiday Furnace Precision Tune-Up Special. For $99 you can give the gift of comfort with a furnace inspection and cleaning to those who mean the most.

Besides keeping your house warm, furnace inspections can prolong the overall life of a furnace and save energy. Think of it like going to the doctor. You get a checkup to ensure that you’re healthy or catch any issues early on before a major problem arises. The same applies to your furnace. Getting the inspection helps to avoid a costly and cold day waiting for the HVAC crew to come and repair it.

Your loved ones will thank you this Christmas for saving them money and a potentially very cold day in their home when you gift them a furnace inspection. They’ll definitely remember your gift throughout the winter season more than the piles of sweaters and socks. And the best part is, an inspection can be done on any system. Call today 847-358-2251 or download the coupon here.