The Holiday Season is a time when we try to come up with the perfect gift for people on our lists. We go to the mall and shop on-line, but often, the harder we try, coming up with the “perfect” gift can be a challenge.

This Christmas, why not think out of the box – especially for those hard-to-buy for people, like our parents and even grandparents, who have all of the sweaters, scarves, gloves and Chia pets they can use. A practical gift of “comfort” may be the perfect answer. How about a programmable thermostat that can be programmed to change temperature throughout the day and night, saving grandma from having to find her glasses to change the thermostat as evening falls and she gets chilly. Or what about having a furnace humidifier installed for a relative with a small child – humidified air can prevent colds, which every parent will appreciate. For folks on our list, living on fixed incomes, a great gift might be that seasonal furnace clean and check that can prolong the life of their heating system and keep their homes healthy, warm and safe. Even a few furnace filters “as stocking stuffers,” will be appreciated by our older relatives and friends, who find it difficult to get to the hardware store.

Finding the perfect holiday gift is never easy, but sometimes a practical gift can be the most welcome to a family member or friend. JNL Climate Control’s website ( has many items that can help keep homes warm, healthy and cozy. Or call them to find out more about the ways you can give the Gift of Comfort this Holiday Season.