For many of us, especially those of us who grew up in older homes in Barrington, Arlington Heights and other Northwestern Suburbs of Chicago, programming our thermostats meant mom or dad turning the heat up or down manually.  For example, when we went to bed, dad turned the thermostat down and when we woke up, Mom turned it up.  The problem was that it took a little time to cool the house off at night and we could count on freezing when we jumped out of bed in the morning.


It is true that programmable thermostats have been in use for a while, but they were often so complicated and cumbersome that it was just easier to do it yourself.  Also, we all remember the times when someone overrode the program and turned the heat down and forgot to turn it back up – or when the house was so hot we couldn’t sleep.

Today, however, there are programmable thermostats that almost think like humans.  They can be programmed to have the house cool enough for sleep when we go to bed, and warm the house up so that we are comfortably warm when we get out of bed.  Not only that, but if everyone is out for the day, the house cools after we leave and warms up before we get home.  Even better, when the weekend comes and we stay home, we stay warm all day.  Vacations are also not a problem, as the thermostat can be programmed to stay cool while we are away – and to turn the heat up just as we are scheduled to come home.  If our plans change and we need the house cooler or warmer, we can override the system, and it will automatically reset itself at the next program period.

Newer thermostat models have also integrated with Wi-Fi, so homeowners can check and control their system from anywhere in the world using a smartphone. In addition, there are thermostats that control even more than the temperature.  For example one Honeywell model also allows you to control the humidity level, fresh air ventilation, air filtration and fan circulation.  Another model allows the thermostat to be controlled via remote control – from anywhere in the home.  Perfect for when you decide to sleep late.

While the many features of the new programmable thermostats are impressive, the best feature is probably the fact that they save energy – and money (probably even more than you think).

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