The thermometer in Palatine has been hovering near 90 as we approach mid-September.  As we struggle with overheated children, school closings and sultry evenings, it is hard to think that in a month or two, we will need to crank up the heat!

There is no argument that the weather has been strange this summer, starting with torrential rains, and bouncing from chilly to downright broiling.  There is no doubt that your HVAC system has been working overtime to keep your house comfortably cool. However, that same system may soon be called upon to work just as hard to keep your house warm and cozy.  Is it ready?

While it may be hard to think about your furnace when it is so unseasonably warm, the fact is that the adage:  “If you don’t like the weather in Chicago (or Palatine or Arlington Heights) just wait a minute and it will change.”  And if it changes suddenly, and if your furnace is not working properly, it could mean trouble for you and your family when that first cold snap hits.

Furnace manufacturers recommend annual inspection and maintenance by a qualified technician. In fact, most have language in their warranties that any damage to furnaces caused by improper maintenance will void the warranty.  This doesn’t mean that annual furnace checks are required, but it does illustrate how important having furnaces properly maintained really is.  How much is your peace of mind worth?  Having your furnace cleaned, checked and evaluated for problems is an inexpensive “insurance policy” for keeping your home comfortable in every season.

So while you either suffer through or thoroughly enjoy this warm September, remember winter is on its way – Is your furnace ready?

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