The bottom line is that the most important thing anyone can do to protect their HVAC investment, protect the environment and keep energy costs down is to keep the equipment, including the furnace, air conditioning unit and related components clean and well-maintained. This obviously includes changing furnace filters and having regularly schedule maintenance visits by your HVAC professionals.

What about air ducts?

Most homes use a vent system to move warm and cool air and these vents are like the circulatory system of your body. When they become clogged, the air does not move as well and the heating and cooling system in your home is not as efficient and has to work harder. This not only increases the wear and tear on the equipment, but also increases your energy costs.

Air ducts can also harbor dust, dander and other particulates. This can cause problems for residents with allergies, asthma or other breathing problems. Even perfectly healthy people may find themselves sneezing and coughing more as these airborne irritants are blown through the system.

If you feel your air ducts have in some way become compromised, or if two or more of these conditions apply to your home or business, air duct cleaning may help you breathe better and help your furnace/cooling system work more efficiently, saving you money:

• Smokers regularly occupy the home or business
• You have one or more furry friend in your home.
• You have experienced water damage (flooding) in your home.
• You have had smoke damage (a kitchen fire?)
• You have had a remodeling or renovation project that created dust.
• You are moving into a new home. (Vents may have collected building dust and debris.)
• You have pollen and allergy-producing flora in your home. (Houseplants).
• You live in a hot and humid climate or a dry and dusty climate.

If you want to breathe easier, reduce the dust in your home, increase air circulation and increase the efficiency of your HVAC system,  consider air duct cleaning.